The Federal Work-Study program provides employment for students who demonstrate financial need based on the information provided on their FAFSA. The Federal Work-Study program is offered to students during the Fall and Spring semesters only.

Federal Work-Study gives students the opportunity to earn money while attending Phillips Graduate University. The total amount of Federal Work-Study depends on the funding Phillips receives from the Department of Education, when the student applies to the program, and their level of financial need. The amount of Federal Work-Study the student earns cannot exceed the total amount of Federal Work-Study awarded. The hiring supervisor will consider a student’s class schedule and individual academic progress when assigning Federal Work-Study positions.

Employment is available in community service, and students are highly encouraged to participate in this program. Interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine their eligibility. They also need to express their interest on their FAFSA when completing it. A resume must be submitted to Human Resources.

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