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For more than 40 years, the Phillips Marriage and Family Therapy program has been training students to become competent and effective marriage and family therapists (MFT). The Master of Arts in Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy is our flagship program whose mission is to empower students to make a difference in the lives of others and to help them grow professionally and personally.

Our MFT program integrates theory and practice, preparing students with the academic knowledge, clinical competency, and professional development necessary to successfully practice as MFTs.

Phillips students have access to exceptional training opportunities. We offer a cutting-edge training facility that includes a one-way mirror to facilitate live supervision and clinical modeling by faculty who are licensed, practicing professionals. As a result, our students have a rich and dynamic learning environment. Our graduates are highly regarded for their professionalism in the mental health field.

Training opportunities are also available at the David H. Fox Counseling Center, the Phillips onsite community counseling center that is a primary training site for Phillips students. The Counseling Center (formerly known as the California Family Counseling Center) has been providing affordable community mental health services since 1971.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Psychology, Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Phillips Graduate University is to create an educational experience that fosters collaborative learning and provides students with the academic knowledge, clinical competency, and professional development necessary for beginning practice as marriage and family therapists within a multicultural environment. Students who complete the program are responsive to the many aspects of diversity that exist within human relationships. They demonstrate self-awareness, a commitment to ethical practice, and relational responsibility in service to individuals, couples and families, to their communities, and to the profession of marriage and family therapy. Students who complete the program will have met the educational requirements for LMFT licensure in California. 

Career Paths

Graduates are well-positioned to pursue work in various settings, including:
• Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities • Schools and Head Start Centers
• Employee Assistance Programs • Social Services Agencies
• Hospitals and Health Maintenance Organizations • Courts and Correctional Facilities
• Community and Public Mental Health Centers • Private Practice

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