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MFT Program - Curriculum

Our curriculum meets all the educational requirements of California’s Board of Behavioral Sciences for marriage and family therapy licensure (LMFT). Students wishing to qualify additionally for licensure as a professional clinical counselor (LPCC) may do so via selection of appropriate electives.

Fall or Spring entry, five semesters, (60 units). Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

First Semester: Offered in Fall and Spring - 13 Units
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY502A Family Therapy: Systemic Approaches (3.00 units)
PSY507 Foundations of Psychotherapy (3.00 units)
PSY503 Developmental Psychology (3.00 units)
PSY518A Introduction to Research - I (1.00 unit)
PSY519A Case Conference: Pragmatics and Human Communication (3.00 units)

Second Semester: Offered Spring or Summer - 12 Units
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY504 Diversity and Social Justice in Families, Schools and Other Systems (2.00 units)
PSY502B Family Therapy: Evolving Systemic Approaches (3.00 units)
PSY520A Abnormal Psychology (2.00 units)
PSY520B Assessment and Treatment in a Developmental Context (2.00 units)
PSY519B Case Conference/Practicum (3.00 units)

Summer Semester: Offered Summer Only - 11 Units
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY529 Group Dynamics/Practicum (3.00 units)

Fundamentals of Addiction 

(3.00 units)
PSY549 Psychological Testing (3.00 units)
PSY550 MFTs in Community Mental Health (2.00 unit)

Third Semester: Fall Only - 13 Units
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY539 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues (3.00 units)
PSY532 Sexuality and Sex Therapy (1.00 unit)
PSY528 Couple Therapy (3.00 units)
PSY531A Applied Therapeutic Methodology: Relational Therapy I (3.00 unit)
PSY533A Practicum - I (2.00 units)
PSY518B Intro to Research - II (1.00 unit)

Fourth Semester: Spring Only 
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY547 Psychopharmacology (3.00 units)
PSY540 Professional Issues for Marriage and Family Therapists (2.00 units)
PSY531B Applied Therapeutic Methodology: Relational Therapy II (3.00 unit)
PSY533B Practicum - II (1.00 units)
PSY518C Professional Project
(1.00 unit)



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