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MFT Art Therapy - Curriculum

The Marriage and Family Therapy with emphasis in Art Therapy curriculum meets the educational requirements as established by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) for LMFT licensure, as well as the educational standards of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) (66.00 units).

First Semester
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY502A Family Therapy: Systemic Approaches (3.00 units)
PSY503 Developmental Psychology (3.00 units)
PSY507 Foundations of Counseling and Psychotherapy (3.00 units)
PSY513A Case Conference/AT: Pragmatics and Human Communication (3.00 units)
PSY561 History and Literature of Art Therapy (2.00 units)
PSY562 Studio Art Therapy Principles (2.00 units)

Second Semester
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY504 Diversity and Social Justice in Families, Schools, and Other Systems (2.00 units)
PSY513B Case Conference/AT: Practicum (3.00 units)
PSY520A Abnormal Psychology (2.00 units)
PSY541 Introduction to Research/AT - I (1.00 unit)
PSY564 Art Therapy Approaches to Assessment (1.00 unit)
PSY569 Art Therapy Dynamics and Applications (2.00 units)

Third Semester/Summer Semester
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY514 Group Dynamics/AT (3.00 units)
PSY542 Introduction to Research/AT - II (1.00 unit)
PSY549 Psychological Testing (3.00 units)
PSY550 MFTs in Community Mental Health (2.00 units)
PSY565 Art Therapy Approaches to Addictions and Trauma (2.00 units)
PSY596 Field Study Practicum/AT (2.00 units)

Fourth Semester
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY528 Couple Therapy (3.00 units)
PSY532 Sexuality and Sex Therapy (1.00 unit)
PSY539 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues (3.00 units)
PSY543 Professional Paper Research/AT - I (1.00 unit)
PSY551A Interpersonal Neurobiology: Introduction (2.00 units)
PSY553A Applied Therapeutic Methodology/AT - I (3.00 units)
PSY554A Practicum/AT - I (2.00 units)

Fifth Semester
Course Number Course Name # of Units
PSY544 Professional Paper Research/AT - II (1.00 unit)
PSY547 Psychopharmacology (3.00 units)
PSY551B Interpersonal Neurobiology: Applications (2.00 units)
PSY553B Applied Therapeutic Methodology/AT - II (3.00 units)
PSY554B Practicum/AT - II (2.00 units)


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