Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training to students as well as counseling and consulting services to the community. We inspire personal transformation and professional excellence in an experiential, collaborative, and innovative learning environment.”

Institutional Learning Outcomes


Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Schedule

Assessment Year Intuitional Goal Student Learning Outcomes
2017-2018 Skill 2.4 Analyze and apply research related to their profession.
Professionalism 3.2 Exhibit skills that facilitate lifelong learning.
2018-2019 Knowledge 1.3 Synthesize key concepts, theories, research, and multicultural models related to their profession.
Professionalism 3.3 Practice and display awareness of one’s impact on others in professional activities.
2019-2020 Knowledge 1.2 Evaluate and analyze specific professional situations to determine application of legal and ethical standards.
Professionalism 3.1 Demonstrate professional conduct that adheres to discipline’s code of ethics and legal guidelines.
2020-2021 Skill 2.1 Employ appropriate assessment methods in their profession.
Skill 2.2 Design and implement intervention plans for diverse populations.
2021-2022 Knowledge 1.1 Articulate and value historical foundations of their profession.
Skill 2.3 Communicate effectively in professional activities.


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