Information technology enables Phillips Graduate University to be a diverse community whose global leadership and educational goals and objectives impact public policy, and critical educational and social issues consistent with its mission.

Information Technology/Operations Guiding Principles
  • Students, faculty, teachers, staff and the extended community should have reliable and convenient.

  • Access to institutional resources and internal systems through technology-enabled environments.

  • Information technology should serve to enhance the creation, availability, sharing and use of knowledge.

  • Information technology should contribute to the hallmark values of the institution: equality of access, diversity and respect for individuals.

  • Information technology should support curriculum development, scholarly endeavors, and pedagogical and institutional innovation.

  • Administrative technologies should create operational efficiency and improve service to institutional constituencies.

  • Information technology should be used in ways that guarantee the appropriate confidentiality and privacy of personal information protect intellectual property and address ethical and legal concerns.

  • Investments in information technology should be consistent with the institution’s short and long-term financial responsibilities.

  • Information Technology must balance the deployment of new technology and the resulting demand for technology support.

  • Major decisions regarding the deployment and use of technology should be made in a just manner through a process of collaboration


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