If you are going to apply to the Ethical Research Committee for approval of your proposed research, review relevant *Policies & Definitions and follow the instructions of the application process to fill out the applicable forms that are described in Procedures for Principal Investigator. All five sections must be completed.

1. Introduction/cover sheet (Form A-Intro)

2. Requests and Waivers
    - Request for Expedited Review (F-ER)
    - Request for Exemption from Review
    - Request for Informed Consent Waiver

3. Descriptions and Guidelines
   - Description of Proposed Research (if requesting Exempt from Review; Form B Exempt)
   - Description of Proposed Research (for all other applications)
   - Guidelines for completing Description of Proposed Research

4. Consent Form for Adults (G-ICF)

5. Appendices
   - Include the Methods section of your proposal and all written material that will be accessible to subjects cover letters, advertisements, flyers, questionnaires and instructions, etc.

* The policies of PGI are derived from the Code of Federal Regulations adopted by the Office of Human Subjects Research - Title 45 CFR Part 46 - Protection of Human Subjects


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