Phillips Graduate University Counseling Center

For more than 35 years, the Phillips Graduate University Counseling Center (formerly CalFam) has been a force for healing in our community helping thousands of individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents and seniors lead more functional and productive lives. Last year, the Counseling Center provided more than 19,000 hours of therapy to nearly 1,500 individuals on a no or low cost basis, using a sliding scale depending on income. Licensed professionals, interns and trainees work in group or individual settings, providing a wide range of services in several languages. In addition, the Counseling Center furnishes support and expertise on academic, clinical training and counseling issues to more than 200 community agencies throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, as well as free community events and workshops on topics such as Child Safety, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Care and Support of the Dying. With a comprehensive array of public service and outreach programs that include School-based Child Therapy, Latino Family Therapy, Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Therapy, and a Juvenile Offender Program offered at Probation Camps David Gonzales and Fred Miller, Phillips Graduate University Counseling Center is a vital resource for the emotional well-being and mental health of our community-at-large.

Latino Family Therapy Program

For 30 years the Latino Family Therapy Program (LFTP) has been a cutting edge program, improving access to mental health services to traditionally underserved Latino populations. Currently, for every 100,000 Latinos in Los Angeles County there are only 29 therapists that speak Spanish. By training bilingual therapists at the masters and doctoral levels, offering culturally sensitive counseling in Spanish and providing sliding scale mental health services, the LFTP addresses a wide variety of mental health issues within the Latino community, particularly for Spanish only speakers. In addition, the LFTP welcomes employees of other Spanish-speaking mental health organizations, training and preparing them to serve Latino populations in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With a 94 percent retention rate among clients and families receiving counseling services through LFTP (nationally more than 50 percent of Latinos terminate counseling after the first session) the Counseling Center’s LFTP is recognized as one of the most successful preparation programs for working with Latino clients.

School-based Child Therapy Program

  Phillips Graduate University Counseling Center's School-based Child Therapy Program has offered psychological services to local Los Angeles schools for more than three decades. In fiscal year 2007-08, 25 local LAUSD schools, as well as one universal preschool, received services through this program. The primary goals of the School-based Child Therapy program are to prevent violence and other detrimental behaviors among students, and improve student academic achievement by addressing specific barriers to learning, particularly those that involve depression, anxiety, aggression or other social or emotional problems affecting the child’s classroom performance. Children are referred to the Child Therapy Program by teachers, administrators or parents and often come from families where there is poverty, poor communication, lack of parenting skills, substance abuse and domestic violence.

Supervised by licensed therapists, the Counseling Center trainees and interns provided nearly 300 elementary, middle and high school students with more than 6,100 hours of individual, family and group therapy last year. Moreover, yearly evaluations of this program have clearly demonstrated its effectiveness in substantially improving the social skills and academic performance of children facing emotional challenges and learning barriers in the classroom.

Phillips Scholarship Funds

President’s Scholarship – Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Phillips Graduate University is pleased to offer this scholarship in recognition of the academic effort and achievement of its students. Recipients must be continuing Phillips students in good standing in their Academic Programs and the Institute, have a 3.6 GPA or higher, and submit a three-page essay describing personal qualifications and accomplishments. Every year, three students are honored with scholarships for their academic excellence, and many more receive need-based funding. Funding for these scholarships is primarily dependent on the generosity of individual donors and organizations in the community.

Library and Technology Funds

Dick Varnes Library and Technology Fund

Phillips Graduate University is a small professional graduate school that needs to keep pace with both the fast changing world of technology and the ever expanding information base that only up-to-date library resources and state-of-the-art technology can provide. Because technology and library resources become obsolete within two or three years, this fund helps to ensure that adequate monies are available to maintain the latest technology and most current academic information for the students at Phillips. Generous donations to this fund will guarantee that our students will continue to be trained on advanced equipment and acquire the relevant skills to assist them in securing an immediate job or aid them in their quest for an advanced degree.

Phillips Donor Tree

Donor TreeWe are grateful for the generous gifts we receive from donors and supporters. Gifts of $250 or greater are recognized with a leaf on our tree. Gifts of $1,000 or greater are recognized with a brick at the base of the tree. Significant gifts ($10,000 or higher) may be recognized through naming opportunities.

Thank you for your support. Gifts of any amount are appreciated. Please contact Development and Alumni Affairs at or (818) 386-5606 for further details.

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