Course Descriptions

PSY 600X – Fundamentals of Addiction – 3 units

This course is designed to offer the student a comprehensive overview for contemporary treatment of addictions in a highly interactive format. Topics include: theories across time and cultures, the psychology of addictions, understanding and treating the needs of special populations, intervention strategies, concepts and theories of addiction, medical aspects of addiction and customizing treatment plans to meet specific, client centered goals.

PSY 601X – Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and Substance Abuse – 3 units

This course examines the acute and chronic effects of alcohol and other psychoactive drugs on the brain, body and behavior; drug interactions, tolerance, cross tolerance, synergism and antagonism will be explored. Pharmacological and physiological treatment and recovery strategies will also be presented.

PSY 602X – Addiction Recovery Case Management: From Assessment to Paperwork – 3 units

This course will prepare a counselor to work in a treatment or recovery facility. Client assessment using whole person domains, prioritizing treatment needs, identifying and utilizing social services, community and medical referrals, recovery planning, complementary therapies, discharge planning and aftercare will be presented. Agency requirements including organizing case files, charting, report writing for court, probation, social workers and employers and legal and ethical considerations will also be discussed.

PSY 603X – Counseling the Chemically Dependent and Their families – 3 units

Individual, family and group counseling from an addiction recovery perspective will be explored. The values of didactic and process group in providing education, connectedness and an environment where all affected parties may receive feedback from others struggling with similar issues and the effectiveness of various treatment modalities (RET, Alcoholic Family Systems, Behavior Modification, TA, etc.). The roles and responsibilities of counselors and clients, value of structure (ground rules, client expectations, goals of the group) will be examined, as well as theories of family co-dependency, triangulated communication and similar dynamics of addition. This is an extremely interactive class and will include many role-playing exercises.

PSY 604X – Law and Ethics in Addiction Recovery Treatment – 3 units

This course will focus on the Federal and State legal and regulatory restrictions and professional competency and client welfare as a primary consideration. Legal and ethical “red flags”, including crisis intervention and screening techniques are included. Utilizing community services and integrating 12-step programs into a treatment plan will also be discussed.

PSY 605X – Personal and Professional Growth and Advances Issues in Addiction Recovery – 3 units

Signs and symptoms of burnout, projection and transference issues, value of supervision and professional affiliation and continuing education, as well as special needs of recovering counselors will be examined in this course. Stress management, proper nutrition and achieving a balanced life and how to assess and achieve self-goals and establish your own support system will be discussed. Issues of trauma (rape, incest, domestic violence) and resulting dissociative disorders will be included.

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